Sowing Seeds (Beej Bonna)” is an interactive artist’s village residency where a residency is held every year in the month of December for a period of approximately 14 days. This interactive residency sowed the seeds of a highly creative conjunction among the rural and the contemporary artists. This mile-stone project welcomed different art forms from national and international artists and helped in exchanging art and ideas.

“Sowing Seeds” is a project that intends to create dialogues and exchanges amongst artists beyond the national identity and serve as an opportunity for rural artists to meet, share and exchange ideas, visions, and diverse views order to create a deeper understanding on art. It acts as a medium of developing and improving the artistic impressions of experts as well as emerging artists. As an alternative art space in INDIA, “Sowing Seeds” is geared to meet the challenges required to organize such contemporary artist village camp (workshop) within rural areas and give rise to a new era in visual art.

The objectives of “Sowing Seeds” are to:

• Create meaningful connections and interactions between rural and contemporary artists

• Develop interrelationships among artists from different geographical locations having varied social, religious and cultural perspectives

• Develop contemporary art ideas using traditional materials and emerging techniques so that it could connect artists to the global art scenario

• Foster collaboration, encourage experimentation, exchanges and dialogues among practicing and emerging artists

• Serve as a platform for regional and international exposure

Future: these artist residency intents to forge meaningful connections and interactions between rural and contemporary art and artists. Since the art world is rather conventional, we aim to work further on this movement to raise awareness in rural and contemporary art.

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